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TaskStream is the new web-based portfolio tool used by the Univeristy of Illinois – Springifield starting fall 2004.

What is TaskStream?

TaskStream is crafted to anticipate the growing needs of the individual educator, and the learning community as a whole, to facilitate the coordination of these requirements in creating a more engaging and purposeful learning environment.

The TaskStream collaborative web-based productivity tools for organizing and managing shared practices through electronic portfolio and web page creation, instructional design, and professional development provide learning communities with the tools and infrastructure to systemically advance their initiatives through to classroom implementation.


For additonal help…

For faculty interested in TaskStream, we encourage them to contact Mentoring Services. Mentoring Services will be happy to schedule a walkthrough of TaskStream’s tools or address any specific questions faculty may have.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact TaskStream at help@taskstream.com or at 800-311-5656. TaskStream’s Mentoring Services is ready to assist you weekdays from 8am to 7pm [EST].

Also, feel free to download the following guides:

Subscription Costs for Students:

  • 1 Semester – 5 Months [$25]
  • 1 yr. account [$39]
  • 2 yr. account [$65]
  • 3 yr. account [$85]
  • 4 yr. account [$99]
  • 5 yr. account [$111]
  • 6 yr. account [$120]