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Student Project Showcase

The Information Technology Services department at UIS is pleased to showcase student projects.

If you have an innovative and exciting project you are working on for your course [or have completed a project for a course], please share it with us. For more information or to submit your projects, contact ITS at 217.206.6550.

Guidelines for Submission

  • You must be a student enrolled at UIS;
  • The project must be course-related;
  • Provide us with a brief description of project;
  • Provide a link to the project [if available online];
  • Provide a thumbnail image or screenshot of the project.

Share your work and tell your story!


Graduating Class Gift Program Online Course

Graduating Class Gift Program Online CourseMarianne Downey, CFRE
I used pbwiki to create a Graduating Class Gift Program Online Course. I plan to continue to build the wiki with additional resources for professional fundraisers. I also hope to design more online courses for fundraising professionals.

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Hemingway’s Paris: A Moveable Feast

Google Map Preview

Nikki Swanson, a student in the Teacher Education Program, created a digital image project using Google Maps for use in her future high school French and English class. Entitled ‘Hemingway’s Paris: A Moveable Feast’, the map locates some of the most notable real-life places in Ernest Hemingway’s A Moveable Feast and arranges them on a map so that students may have a spatial and visual idea of what Hemingway saw during his time in Paris.

This experience would provide students an opportunity to learn about the time and place in which some of the greatest Modernist writers lived and worked. It allows students a tangible perspective for places and eras that are otherwise— to use a word from A Moveable Feast that Gertrude Stein used to describe some of Hemingway’s works— “unaccroachable”.

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English 101 ePortfolio

S Horn's ePortfolioShauna Horn created this electronic portfolio as her final project for English 101. It not only showcases her writing skills and how they improved throughout the semester, but also gave her an avenue for creative expression with imagery and audio.

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Hitchcock Film Class

Rear Window Screen ShotKatie Luchtefeld
In my Hitchcock film class, we studied Rear Window. For my final project, I argue that the way the main character Jeff views his neighbors and friends, from out of his window, is very similar to the voyeurism on Facebook. Additionally, this voyeurism is twofold: Jeff both performs for his neighbors and friends a version of himself, and in turn they are also performing. Likewise, while on Facebook, users perform an idealized “online” self. In order to illustrate the marriage of these two ideas, I created Facebook profiles for all major characters. Then I played the whole movie out through pictures, status messages and comments. By using Camtasia, I was able to record the whole process through screen capture. Once I had recorded all the Facebook sessions, I used Camtasia Rely to mesh them together into one continuous video. I also added sound to make the video less monotonous. The end result is a 10 minute video that details all the main action of the film. Enjoy!

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