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Box.com is a project being sponsored by the Office of the ECIO and is currently being deployed at all three campuses. This project came about when Internet2 asked several universities to join an early adopter cloud services pilot program with several other schools. These schools include Berkley, Indiana, Notre Dame, Cornell, Michigan and a few others. We worked with these early adopters to identify issues, support, training, use cases, and general functionality in preparation for the rollout.

Since the cost of this service is shared between the University IT Leadership Team, the goal for the Box project is an enterprise service for all faculty, staff, and students at the University of Illinois. This service includes availability of the service, support, and common documentation shared between each campus. Faculty, staff, and students will be receiving 50GB of space when they enroll with our Enterprise instance of Box. With our Box Enterprise instance, users will be able to sync directly to their desktop using Sync similar to Dropbox.

Box is an online file sharing and cloud content management service and it provides features such as:

  • Security controls
  • Space
  • Mobility
  • Online collaboration
  • Mobile access
  • Version history
  • User management

Box.com is FERPA compliant and has increased security on the application, network, and facilities level.  Box.com provides high-end availability and reliability with a 99.9% uptime.  Not only does Box.com already integrate with other online systems such as Google Apps, LinkedIn, and smartphones but also provides integration with existing systems by using OpenBox API.

Box has recently made great strides in improving their interface to be more accessible and meet WCAG Level A compliance.  The accessible version of Box (https://a.box.com) is still in beta status; we will continue to share updates about the progress.

For those of you who are eDocs users, be assured that Box.com is NOT replacing eDocs. It serves as an additional resource for document management and collaboration. Box.com provides more personal storage space than eDocs (50 GB vs 5 GB) as well as the ability to embed files in websites (including Blackboard) and sync files. eDocs remains a better solution for department collaboration as there are no department shares in Box.com and for hosting personal websites.

Logging in to Box.com for UIS:

  1. To access your account on Box.com go to http://uofi.app.box.com then click Continue
    Box.com step 1
  2. Select the option for University of Illinois At Springfield then click the Select this campus button
    Box.com Login step 2
  3. Type in your NetID and Password and click Login
    Box.com Login Step 3

Now you are ready to start using Box.com.


Check our workshop schedule for Box training. Sessions will be held in BRK 141B. Please contact Kara McElwrath at kmcel2@uis.edu to schedule customized training. An accompanying handout is available [PDF].


When to/When Not to Use Box

Use/Not-Use Cases for When to Use U of I Box

QuickStart Guide

Box.com QuickStart Guide [HTML]



Q. How do I change my personal Box account to a UIS Box account?

A. Change the associated email of your existing Box account to a personal email address (for example, gmail or yahoo). To do so, from the My Account menu, choose Edit/View Profile. Then, save all files you want transferred to your UIS Box account to your Desktop. Log into UIS’ Box (see directions above) and upload the files from your Desktop to your UIS Box account.