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Captioning and Video Transcription Service Soon To Be Available in Kaltura

Kaltura CaptioningITS introduced CaptureSpace Lite to the campus last summer, as a replacement for TechSmith Relay, which will be retired at the end of the spring semester. CaptureSpace Lite includes many additional features beyond what TechSmith Relay has available, including the ability to:

  • Record sections of your screen (not the entire screen)
  • Trim videos at any point in the recording
  • Trim videos after the recording has been published
  • Add captions
  • Upload attachments
  • Add chapters (making it easier for the viewer to skip to specific topics)
  • Add a title slide at the beginning and credits at the end

Additionally, CaptureSpace Lite will soon offer Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, which will provide captioning for videos at an average of 80% accuracy. Captions can then be edited to increase the level of accuracy. As soon as ASR is available, ITS will offer workshops and tutorials for how to take advantage of this feature.

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Software Offerings: Tableau, Gartner Research, Adobe Suite

ITS is dedicated to providing software to the campus in support of our teaching, learning, and research efforts. We recently made Tableau available in our classrooms and labs, which provides a fast, easy-to-use, visual analytics platform. Tableau is available for free to students and educators, so feel free to install Tableau and take advantage of its ability to help visualize and understand data.

Additionally, the University of Illinois has purchased access to Gartner core research. Gartner is a research and advisory company focused on information technology (IT) technologies, practices, and strategies. It provides analysis to corporate, government, and higher education clients through a variety of media, including the Gartner Research website. Students, faculty, and staff may use their NetID and password to access the research website:

As a reminder, there are many software offerings available for free or at a discount via the WebStore. One of the most popular offerings is the Adobe Suite, which is available to employees free of cost for use on University-owned machines or for $5/year on personally owned machines. Students may purchase a year subscription for $185.

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ITS Hardware and Software Purchasing Services

As part of the many services offered by ITS, we encourage departments to work with us on purchasing CaptureSpacehardware or software. We can often get improved pricing as well as leverage existing resources. Anytime your department is interesting in making a technology-related purchase, feel free to contact ITS for assistance and support!

Additionally, please contact ITS if you need any support on department devices, even if they are owned by your department and not ITS. We can take advantage our existing relationships with vendors to speed up the support process.

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ITS Welcomes Cory Leefer

ITS welcomed Cory Leefer to the Help Desk team, where he is leading our efforts in hardware support and imaging workstations. We are thrilled to have his expertise in supporting the needs of the campus. Cory’s office is located in the Help Desk, in the lower level of Brookens Library.

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ITS Supports Staff Deafness Awareness Efforts

ITS supports the deafness awareness efforts of our staff Wisdom Umeugo. Wisdom, deaf from childhood, expressed some dismay with the lack of deafness awareness on campus stemming from unsatisfactory experiences. He swung into action to bring deafness awareness to both ITS and the UIS community. With our encouragement, he produced a comprehensive deafness awareness education document promoting understanding of the interaction rules and needs of the deaf.

The document titled “Understanding and Interacting with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing” is a comprehensive deaf awareness document aimed at encouraging seamless interaction between hearing people and the deaf. This outstanding document gives insight into the communication issues and challenges deaf people face. It provides education on spotting potential​ deaf people by their behavior, getting their attention and satisfactorily interacting with them. Wisdom thoughtfully included sections in the document to educate employers on effectively accommodating deaf employees and organizations on providing deaf-friendly services.

The document is available for all via this link:​. ITS finds this document very useful and is looking to use it as a guide to better accommodate our deaf employees and provide excellent services to every deaf and hard of hearing student and staff in UIS. We encourage the dissemination and use of this document by other departments of the university to raise deafness awareness in all staff and students. The shortened six page version which is suitable for printing as handouts is available via this link: We wholesomely commend and support Wisdom’s deafness awareness efforts.

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ITS Campus Collaborations: Research Cluster

ITS recently joined the Illinois Campus Cluster Program providing a high performance computing environment to our faculty working on big data research projects.  This is an exciting opportunity for faculty to take advantage of the cluster for processing large data requests and calculations for their research. Dr. Sahebkarkhorasani and Dr. Guo in the Computer Science department are currently taking advantage of the cluster to further their research initiatives. They are now using clustering for image edge detection based on deep learning and data analytics for pediatric medical data.

For more information, please see the Campus Cluster webpage.

Collaborating with departments is an important function of ITS. We look forward to working with more departments, so please reach out to us if we can be of any assistance. Also, please share any suggestions you may have on improvements we can make – we look forward to hearing your input!

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RAVE: Campus Emergency Notification System

As a reminder, UIS provides an emergency alert system, available to all faculty, staff, and students.

Do you:

  • want to be notified in case of a campus emergency?
  • wish you had a “panic button” on your mobile device to contact Campus Police?
  • think a campus walking escort would be useful?
  • want to help Campus Police to expedite a law-enforcement response, but remain anonymous?

If you answered Yes to any one of these questions, we encourage you to sign up for the UIS-Alert Emergency Notification System.

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ITS Maintenance Window

ITS routinely schedules updates and patches as part of our ongoing efforts to maintain a robust technology infrastructure for the campus. These regularly scheduled updates take place during our maintenance window on Thursday mornings from 5am – 7am. During this time, you may notice brief interruptions in service.

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