Dale Vick

Multimedia Assistant

Email: dvick2@uis.edu
Phone: 217‐206-8465
Office: BRK 134A
MS: BRK 180

Dale VickDale started working for UIS as a student worker in the spring of 2006. He briefly left in at the end of the spring semester 2007 to do an internship at Disney World. He returned at the beginning of spring semester 2008 as a student worker. He was then moved to an Extra Help position, then an Academic Hourly position. Recently he accepted a full time Instructional Communications Technical Operator I position where he currently serves the campus community.

Dale has been working with computers for 25 years, his first being an Apple ][ +. Since then his love of computers and technology grew. He has been a DJ for weddings, ran lights and sound for a small time band, dabbled in electronics particularly circuit building.

His duties include: Installation and level 2 troubleshooting of classroom multimedia equipment as well as other areas of the campus community, researching new technology and how it may be utilized in the classroom, and assisting with the scheduling and delivery of equipment.

Areas of Specialization:

Installation and support of multimedia equipment, Video Conferencing equipment use and installation, designing layouts for proposed projects, Final Cut Pro, and a moderate knowledge of Adobe products and Microsoft Office


  • B.A. of Communications (UIS) focusing on Videography and production
  • Associates in Network Technology (LLCC)
  • Certificate of Completion in Web Design (LLCC)
  • And several Certificates of Achievements in computer software


  • Video Games (role playing mostly)
  • Writing
  • Drafting and Designing
  • Home and Automotive Repair; and inventing

Favorite Quotes:

  • You know Arthur, there’s nothing so cruel as a kindness falsely given. –The Tick
  • “…Your future hasn’t been written yet. …So make it a good one!” –Back to the Future III