Nathan Frisch

DSC_3464Nathan is a graduate of the Legal Studies Program at UIS. Starting out as a volunteer after graduatation, he worked full-time for the Project before he went on to law school at SIU. He has also worked part-time for a criminal defense attorney in his hometown.

During his employment with the Project Nathan had the opportunity to interview witnesses, draft FOIA requests, attend court proceedings, assist with the preparation of a post-conviction motion, evaluate cases, interview inmates and conduct legal research.

Nathan credits his legal studies work and his employment with a criminal defense attorney for introducing him to the legal field. His employment with the Project gave him the opportunity to build on those experiences by working on cases with our staff. He claims that working with the Project solidified his decision to attend law school. Nathan completed law school at Southern Illinois University School of Law and is currently working at a law firm in Taylorville.