Student Opportunities

Undergraduate and graduate degree-seeking students at UIS can participate in Illinois Innocence Project activities and earn credit in several ways:

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Our Current Students
Currrent Students 2015

UIS undergraduates and law students from the state’s three public law schools work alongside IIP attorneys to review, evaluate and, where strong evidence of actual innocence exists, investigate and legally pursue claims of innocence.

Blake Carey
Faith Hook
Ivette Ortiz
Katie Grant
Mac Leverenz
Marc Cox
Micheal Dahmane

Brian Cunningham
Eric Suharowski
James Marc
Juan Gonzalez Ramirez
Lily Marquez
Marcella Deshonda-Slay
Will Teichman

Northern Illinois University School of Law
Dana Harold
Daniel P. Thetford
Michael Hulvey
Nathan Smith

University of Illinois College of Law
Amber Polk
Brad Barber
Hannah Brennan
Lauren Kolb
Megan Mckisson
Tricia Halsted

Southern Illinois University School of Law
Andriana Bicanin
Evan Howard
Justin Simpson
Kacey Eisenhauer
Lynne Chambers Ketchens
Patricia “Trish” Estes
Renee Chacko
Siiri Raniero

Our Past Students

John Hanlon Speaking with UIUC Students
Illinois Innocence Project Executive and Legal Director John Hanlon speaks with law school students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Photo from SIU
SIU School of Law students involved with the Illinois Innocence Project.
U of I College of Law students
UIUC College of Law students rally against wrongful convictions, executions.