David Wymore

David Wymore maintains a solo practice in Boulder, Colorado. He graduated from the Ohio State University and the University of Colorado School of Law.

David WymoreDavid became a Colorado Deputy Public Defender in 1976 and the Colorado Chief Trial Deputy from 1982 to 2004 when he retired. David also teaches trial tactics and death litigation.

David Wymore (on the right), shown with Larry Golden, Maria Liu, Richard and Selma Eikelenboom, and Bill Clutter.

Colorado Method of Capital Voir Dire

David is primarily recognized for his creation of the Colorado Method of Capitol Voir Dire. He is presently involved with the on-going Capital Voir Dire project of NACDL and the Southern Center for Human Rights.

Featured Articles

Mr. Wymore was featured in the May 1997 publication of The American Lawyer under the caption “Too Effective for his working in keeping Colorado’s death row empty.” A feature-length documentary entitled, “The Life Penalty” about David and the Colorado Method of Jury Selection is presently being shown in the U.S. and abroad.


Various awards he has earned include, the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar 1997 Jonathon Olom Award; University of Colorado, School of Law 2001 Distinguished Alumni Award; Colorado Criminal Defense Bar 2008 The Gideon Award; Boulder County Bar Association 2008 Ron Porter AWard of Merit; and the ACLU Foundation of Colorado 2008 Edward Sherman Award.