Barie Goetz

Barie GoetzBarie Goetz is a forensic scientist specializing in crime scene reconstruction and bloodstain pattern analysis.

Barie worked for the Indiana State Police and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation Laboratory Systems.

Sangre de Cristo Forensic Services

In 2004, Barie retired as Director of the CBI Regional Laboratory in Pueblo, Colorado and started Sangre de Cristo Forensic Services, where he utilizes his 30 eyars of experience by assisting the judicial system in areas of crime scene reconstruction and post-conviction review.

Touch DNA and the Masters Case

In the Masters case, Barie worked as the Forensic Investigator, reconstructing the series of events of the murder, as well as assisting Richard Eikelenboom with the recovery of touch DNA samples by analysing the crime scene evidence and theorizing what areas on the victim’s clothing would have epithelial skill cells belonging to the perpetrator.