About Us

The Illinois Innocence Project (IIP) is dedicated to releasing innocent men and women imprisoned in Illinois for crimes they did not commit. We advocate on behalf of this silenced population by researching and investigating claims of innocence, and providing legal representation and other assistance to prove credible claims of actual innocence.

The Project reviews over 300 requests for help from Illinois inmates each year. Undergraduates at the University of Illinois Springfield, and law students from the state’s three public law schools, work alongside and at the direction of IIP attorneys to review, evaluate and, where strong evidence of actual innocence exists, investigate and legally pursue claims of innocence.

To date, the Illinois Innocence Project has been intimately involved in the freeing of nine innocent individuals who were wrongfully imprisoned in Illinois.


IIP is staffed by one full-time executive/legal director, one full-time attorney,  two full-time attorneys funded by a United States Department of Justice Bloodsworth grant, one part-time attorney, and one full-time assistant.

The staff who work on these cases are committed to remedying the injustice of wrongful convictions:

John Hanlon WP-IIPJohn J. Hanlon

Executive Director/Legal Director

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Larrry Golden WP-IIPLarry Golden

Founding Director

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Staff Attorney, Bloodsworth DNA Grant

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Courtney Reed WP-IIPCourtney Reed

IIP Development Associate




Lauren Kaeseberg wp-IIPLauren Kaeseberg

Legal Director/Chicago Office

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Gwen Jordan WP-IIPGwen Jordan

Staff Attorney

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LAUREN M-M WP-IIPLauren Myerscough-Mueller

Staff Attorney, Bloodsworth DNA Grant

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Ronda Anders WP-IIPRonda Anders

Paralegal Assistant