Research Projects

The Institute conducts research and program evaluation generally related to the operations of government. Current staff have expertise in budgeting and public finance; program and policy evaluation; program development; organizational design and operations; social service agency operations; use of evidence-based practices and program implementation; political participation and public opinion; environmental health; and, the legal system. If expertise beyond these areas is needed to conduct a project, the Institute partners with outside experts, including faculty in all UIS colleges, faculty and staff in other universities, and the private sector. If you would like to know more about the Institute’s research and program evaluation capacities, contact David Racine at (217) 206-8417 or at

Recent Projects
The Institute is presently engaged in research related to traffic safety (drinking and driving), deliberative polling, campaign finance, public program performance, intergenerational communities as a way to solve public problems, public-private partnerships, school district financing, the efficacy of various training programs, mentally ill jail inmates, and local economic conditions. Other recently completed Institute research projects have examined a program in public high schools to increase post-secondary training; the academic achievement gap between African-American and white students; a program for disabled college students, and radon mitigation. The reports from these projects are generally for a particular funder and are often not publicly released.

Archived Reports
Access information about select research projects conducted in the past 10 to 15 years.