Degree Requirements

The master’s degree in Human Services requires 44 hours of graduate-level courses, with 24 hours of core requirements and 20 concentration-specific hours. Students are required to complete all coursework within a 6 year time frame following admission to the program.


The Human Services faculty has a professional and ethical obligation to conduct continual assessment with students so they are aware of limitations that may impede their future success. Moreover, the faculty has an obligation not to admit or to remove from candidacy any student who does not meet these requirements.

Grading Policy:

Graduate students must earn a grade of B or better in each course.


The four-hour internship is designed to provide an opportunity for students to integrate knowledge and skills gained in courses into direct practice. The internship consists of intensive work with supervision (100 work hours for each academic hour) in a human services environment. (A total of 500 hours of supervised hours is required for students in the alcohol and substance abuse concentration.) Students with three years of supervised full-time experience may, in consultation with the academic advisor, petition to substitute four hours of regular course work for the internship.

All program requirements must be completed within six (6) years of acceptance into the human services program.