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Department of Human Services University of Illinois Springfield

Social Services Administration

The concentration in Social Service Administration provides students with skills for developing and managing social services agencies.

All four of the classes in this concentration are offered online.

Our graduates are involved in a variety of professional activities including planning, consulting, administering, and evaluating social service agencies. They manage and assist in the management of public and private organizations that serve a variety of populations as administrators, planners, supervisors, consultants, and instructors. This concentration, including the core classes, can be completed online!

Concentration Requirements:(20 hours)

  • HMS 514 Staff Development and Supervision (4 hours)
  • HMS 538 Social Services Administration (4 hours)
  • HMS 584 Introduction to Nonprofit Management (4
  • HMS 588 Grant Writing in Human Services (4 hours)

Select four credit hours from the remaining courses:

  • ACC 505 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations (4 hours)
  • BUS 541 Organizational Behavior (3 hours)
  • LES 486 Legal Aspects of Nonprofit Organization Management (2 hours)
  • PAD 502 Organization Dynamics (4 hours)
  • PAD 505 Human Resource Management (4 hours)
  • PAD 543 Marketing for Public and Nonprofit Organizations (4 hours)
  • PAD 544 Fund Raising for Public and Nonprofit Organizations (4 hours)
  • Or a course approved by your advisor.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for your Social Service Administration questions or to request information.

Contact the online SSA program coordinator directly:
John Snyder
Office: Brookens 318
Phone: (217) 206-6121