Alcohol and Substance Abuse Graduate Certificate

The alcohol and substance abuse concentration prepares graduate students for the Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse counseling profession. The educational and experiential components of the concentration provide students with the knowledge and ethical sensitivity required to effectively address client’s needs.

Illinois Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Professional Certification Association, Inc. (IAODAPCA) has accredited the alcohol and substance abuse concentration in the M.A. in human services. Students who successfully complete this concentration may be eligible to take the certifying examination for IAODAPCA. Students seeking admission to this concentration must have a two-year history of sobriety.


The overarching philosophy of the Alcohol and Substance Abuse Concentration includes the following basic assumptions that inform the concentration curriculum:

  • Addiction is a disease that can be described, is predictable and progressive, is primary and not the symptom of an underlying disorder, is chronic and not acute, cannot be cured but can be arrested, is treatable, and terminal if left untreated resulting in premature death.
  • The etiology or cause of addiction is an interaction of biological, psychological, sociological (environmental), and spiritual risk factors that requires a holistic treatment and recovery approach.
  • The value of self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Ala-Non, Ala-Teen, Nar-Anon as primary support resources for addicted individuals and their families.
  • Addiction is a family disease meaning that understanding addiction as causal in family dysfunction is essential and the needs of the family must be assessed and treated in conjunction with treating the addicted individual.

Students in the Alcoholism and Substance Abuse concentration are required to meet all of the requirements of the graduate school with respect to admission and graduation and to complete 500 hours of internship.

Certificate Requirements (20 hours):

  • HMS 502 Interviewing and Assessment Skills in Human Services (4 hours).
  • HMS 525 Alcoholism and Substance Abuse (4 hours).
  • HMS 527 Assessment and Treatment of Substance Abuse (4 hours)
  • HMS 528 Dual Diagnosis and Relapse Prevention (4 hours)
  • HMS 550 Internship (4 hours)

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