Welcome!: September 2010

UIS Fountain


Greetings to the following new employees
who joined the UIS community over the past
several months:


Employee Name Current Hire Date Job Title
Cynthia Avart 8/30/10 Office Administrator
Kristi Barnwell 8/16/10 Lecturer
Christopher Burton 8/16/10 Asst Women’s Basketball Coach
Lisa Chen 8/16/10 Lecturer
Janelle Conger 8/16/10 Adjunct Lecturer
Scott Doerr 8/16/10 Adjunct Lecturer
Greg Garrett 8/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Thomas Gebhardt 8/30/10 Building Service Worker
Nicholas Hanscom 8/2/10 Police Telecommunicator
Evyonne Hawkins 8/16/10 Adjunct Lecturer
Corey Hoelscher 8/16/10 Assistant Professor
Abby Hynes 5/17/10 Child Care Assistant
Rick Jackson 8/16/10 Adjunct Lecturer
Gwen Jordan 8/16/10 Assistant Professor
Melinda Kaye 8/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Jamie Krueger 7/19/10 Asst Athletic Director for Compliance
Kristin Kruger 5/24/10 Child Care Assistant
Doug Liberati 8/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Rong Liu 6/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Jennifer Lomax 8/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Chelsea McBride 8/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Keith McMath 7/6/10 Asst Director Housing-Res. Facil & Oper
Michael Miller 8/16/10 Lecturer
J. Ted Morrissey 8/16/10 Adjunct Lecturer
Christina Mulligan 8/16/10 Adjunct Lecturer
Stephen Newell 8/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Ben Norton 8/16/10 Asst Men’s Basketball Coach
Vicki Oldani 8/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Lindsay Peters 5/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Amanda Poffinbarger 8/16/10 Instructor
Kerry Poynter 7/12/10 Dir of LGBTQ Resource Office
Shuang Pui 8/16/10 Assistant Professor
Anne Rayhill 8/16/10 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jack Reynolds 8/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Lyle Rigdon 8/16/10 Visiting Director of Clinical Practice
Gloria Savage 4/12/10 Office Administrator
Teresa Scroggins 5/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Diane Shelton 7/12/10 Senior Library Specialist
Gloria Simo 8/16/10 Assistant Professor
Lauralee Smith 8/9/10 Chief Clerk
Curtis Spears 8/2/10 Dir Network & Info Security Services
David Szabo 8/16/10 Adjunct Instructor
Therese Vinson 8/16/10 Adjunct Lecturer
Junfeng Wang 8/16/10 Assistant Professor
Chaunmin Zhao 8/16/10 Visiting Scholar