Welcome!: March 2011

UIS Fountain


Greetings to the following new employees
who joined the UIS community over the past
several months:

Employee Name

Current Hire Date

Job Title

Dorene Campbell 1/1/2011 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Nancy Campbell-Jeffrey 1/1/2011 Adjunct Instructor
Victoria Childs 1/1/2011 Adjunct Lecturer
Booker Crombie 2/21/2011 Building Service Worker
Frank Fuchs 1/1/2011 Adjunct Instructor
Kathryn Goodman 1/1/2011 Adjunct Instructor
Bridget Gorokhovsky 1/1/2011 Adjunct Instructor
Thomas Gray 1/1/2011 Adjunct Instructor
Elenora Haag 2/7/2011 International Admissions Counselor
Ty Hawkins 1/1/2011 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Sarah Jennings 1/3/2011 Director of Development
Elizabeth Jones 1/1/2011 Instructor
Patricia Kennedy 12/6/2010 Office Support Specialist
Troy Lepper 1/1/2011 Visiting Assistant Professor
Charles Levy 1/1/2011 Adjunct Instructor
Donald Long 12/16/2010 Grants & Contracts Coordinator
Christopher Lush 12/20/2010 Food Service Administrator 1
Thomas Miskelly 1/1/2011 Adjunct Lecturer
Thomas Patrick 1/1/2011 Adjunct Professor
LaTasha Roberson-Guifarro 1/1/2011 Adjunct Instructor
John Schnebeli 12/20/2010 Food Service Administrator 1
Leslie Stalter 1/1/2011 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ann Strahle 1/1/2011 Adjunct Instructor
Trent Tangen 12/20/2010 Assistant Director Recreational Sports
Janetta Waterhouse 12/16/2010 Director Library Information Systems
Ian Weaver 1/1/2011 Adjunct Assistant Professor
Ronald Wojcicki 12/20/2010 Director of Development

As of 2/28/11