Welcome!: July 2012

UIS Fountain


Greetings to the following new employees
who joined the UIS community over the past
several months:




Employee Name Current Hire Date Job Title
Loretta Benedict 02/06/12 Financial Aid Advisor
Charles Coderko 02/16/12 Director of Construction
William Cripe 02/13/12 Bindery Worker
Richard Dennis 01/19/12 Asst Men’s Baseball Coach
Johnell Greer 02/06/12 Financial Aid Advisor
Ella Howell 01/03/12 Financial Aid Advisor
Brook Jones 02/21/12 Payroll Specialist
Zachariah Logsdon 05/29/12 IT Support Associate
Gregory Long 03/19/12 Building Service Worker
Tori Lornitis 04/16/12 Office Support Specialist
Howard McMinn 03/01/12 Asst Professor/Instr Services Library
Eric Needham 03/19/12 Shipping/Receiving Clerk
Carrie New 06/04/12 Space Administrator
Erica Nichols-Cook 02/13/12 Visiting Staff Attorney
Heather Nielsen 01/16/12 Academic Advisor & Prof License Officer
Cindy O’Keefe 04/09/12 Administrative Aide
Chad Oletzke 06/04/12 Head Women’s Basketball Coach
Katherine Owen 01/09/12 Office Administrator
Jerome Pruitt 04/02/12 Food Service Worker
Noelle Rooke 03/23/12 Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
Desserae Shepston 01/09/12 Online Coordinator-Environmental Studies
Emily Sims 05/14/12 Office Support Specialist
Joshus Smallwood 06/01/12 Visiting Head Athletic Trainer
Mary Torricelli 04/16/12 Human Resource Associate
Melissa Ulbrich 02/14/12 Library Specialist
Mary Umbarger 05/14/12 Program Assistant
Van Vieregge 01/18/12 Executive Director Auxiliary Services
David Wells 05/29/12 Electrician
Margaret Wright 05/14/12 Admissions & Records Representative
Alexander Young 02/06/12 Food Service Administrator
Michael Zandler 01/03/12 Head Men’s Baseball Coach