Employee Service Recognition

UIS markerEmployees eligible for service recognition at this year’s Retirement & Recognition Ceremony on April 27, 2012 are listed below.

These employees will have completed 10,
15, 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service
at the University of Illinois Springfield during the period August 16, 2011 through August
15, 2012.

If you believe you are eligible for service recognition and your name is not on the list, or if your information is not accurate, please contact Joy Thibadeau by March 21, 2012: jthib2@uis.edu , 217/206-7015.

30 Years

Nancy Rachelle *

25 Years

Joanne Hoagland Donna J. Schaub Thomas J. Wood
Todd W. Rotroff Pinky S. Wassenberg

20 Years

Julie A. Close Jamie McGill Edward R. Wojcicki
Ann M. Cole Jerry H. Peebles
Kathryn E. Eisenhart Terry Pryor
Kay Funderburk Christina D. Ryan

15 Years

Terry Carter * Hazel Rozema
Peggy S. Kitchen Mary Elizabeth Smith
Mark D. Owens Ellen F. Smock
Denise Rothenbach Allan J. Young

10 Years

Heather L. Bailey Xiaoqing Li Rowena F. Vail
Harshavardhan D. Bapat Jennifer L. May Kevin Walsh
Amanda Joy Baughman Ronald D. McNeil
Feng-Shun Bin Jill J. Menezes
Leanne R. Brecklin Michael James Miller
Karen J. Brewer Mae Marie Noll
Brian J. Catherwood Carolyn A. Peck
Leslie J. DeFrates Jonathan Perkins
Kamyar Dezhgosha Cathy M. Price
James J. Gleeson Michele M. Sapp
Marque Haupert Carlyn Shank
Karen L. Headrick Natalie A. Taylor
Sharon Heflin Eric Thibodeaux-Thompson
Wendy F. Johnson Cynthia Thompson
Laura Laurenzana Jane B. Treadwell

*Indicates former employee who earned service recognition prior to leaving employment with the University of Illinois Springfield.