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Traveling Trophy

UIS Employee to Employee Recognition Program

 What is the Shining Star Traveling Trophy?

The Shining Star Trophy is an employee to employee award for work excellence or exceptional service. It is normally based upon a specific act which has been observed by a co-worker. Examples might be going above and beyond to assist a student, a campus visitor, a fellow co-worker or extra effort to complete a specific work project. It is a traveling trophy which should be passed on to another employee.

What is the Goal of the Program?

The goal is to create a community based recognition program which is timely, simple and supplements the concepts of LEADERSHIP lived. Employees who observe one of their co-workers demonstrating acts of excellence which contribute to our Supportive Community, who are Collaborative in nature, or who are simply good examples of LEADERSHIP lived are asked to help reward their efforts.

Who may participate in this program?

Any permanent “status” UIS employee is eligible to participate.

How does the program operate?

The employee presently in possession of the Shining Star trophy is responsible for nominating his/her successor. Normally he/she should try to find a successor within approximately 30 days from the date of their award receipt. When he/she observes an act which warrants the award, he/she should contact the HR Shining Star contact person who will provide specific instructions and assist with drafting of the nomination narrative if necessary. After finalization of the award narrative, an award ceremony is scheduled. The outgoing Shining Star recipient presents the trophy to the new award winner. A representative from Human Resources will take photographs and provide the new recipient with a choice of several additional rewards.

What is the award recipient’s responsibility?

The Shining Star winner should display the trophy for all to see. The Shining Star recipient, as mentioned above, is responsible for identifying the next winner. He/she should be on the lookout for an act of leadership or excellence which warrants the award. An effort should be made to keep the trophy moving throughout the campus by recognizing excellence in all of our various departments.

What are the HR Office’s responsibilities?

The HR office is responsible for program publicity: assisting with award narrative; preparing award certificates; securing prizes; coordinating the awards ceremony; ensuring excellence is the core for recognition; and ensuring the trophy travels among the various departments.

How can I win the trophy?

Support LEADERSHIP lived through acts of excellence and outstanding customer service.

What are the rewards for receiving the Shining Star?

You will possess and proudly display the Shining Star Trophy during your tenure as the recipient. You will also receive a Shining Star pin and certificate plus the opportunity to select from a list of other rewards (e.g., season pass for UIS Athletics, discounts on Sangamon Auditorium tickets).

We welcome your comments and suggestions about this program.


Shining Star Contact:

Cindy OKeefe
Administrative Aide