Human Resources Staff

The Office of Human Resources strives to provide assistance to faculty, staff, students, applicants and visitors of the university in a timely, respectful and professional manner.

We make every effort to provide excellent service to the university community by using sound and effective personnel practices. As an equal employment opportunity employer, we are committed to serving a diverse community of students, staff and faculty.

If you have difficulty finding something, or if we may be of service to you, please contact our staff below.

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Melissa Mlynski
Senior Director of Human Resources
(217) 206-7148

  • General Human Resource Policies and Procedures
  • Civil Service Rules and Regulations
  • Grievances
  • Labor Relations

Melanie Trimm
Employment Services Manager
(217) 206-7078

  • Academic Professional / Faculty Employment
  • Human Resource Systems
  • University Policies and Procedures
  • Leaves of Absence (AP)
  • SURS Reporting Manager
  • Unemployment Verifications

Mark Owens
Assistant Director Labor and Employee Relations
(217) 206-7096

  • University Policies and Procedures
  • Academic Professional/ Civil Service Classification/ Compensation Manager
  • Labor Relations
  • Employee Relations
  • Academic Professional Classification/Compensation
  • FLSA

Ceitha Steele
Human Resources Officer
(217) 206-7020

  • Assist Senior Director / Maintain Calendar
  • Student Insurance Administrator
  • Athletic Insurance Administrator
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims Administrator
  • Human Resource Sponsored Campus Events Coordinator

Kathleen Lurkins
Human Resources Officer
(217) 206-7095

  • Civil Service Employment
  • UPI Report
  • SURS Reporting
  • Employment Background Checks
  • Records and Retention
  • Staff Exit Interviews

Jennifer Suthard
Human Resources Assistant Manager
(217) 206-8464

  • Extra Help Application Management
  • I-9/E-Verify Transactions
  • Employment Verification
  • Personnel Register Maintenance System Maintenance

Lydia Schillinger
Human Resources Representative
(217) 206-6670

  • Human Resource Reception
  • Civil Service and Academic Professional Application Management
  • Website Administrator
  • Employee Performance Evaluations
  • Recognition and Retirement Event Coordinator

Melisa Hatch
Human Resources Officer
(217) 206-7015

  • Civil Service Testing Manager
  • Civil Service Classification/ Compensation
  • Civil Service Job Audits
  • Salary Range Changes
  • Register Position Control and Maintenance

Amy M. Gurnitz
Human Resources Officer
(217) 206-7021

  • Civil Service Testing
  • Human Resource Financial and Business Operations
  • Human Resource Information Systems Reporting
  • Civil Service Job Audits Backup

Anthony Lozzi
Human Resources Officer
(217) 206-7237

  • Student Insurance Co-Administrator
  • FMLA / Leaves of Absence (CS)
  • Tuition Waivers, Employee/Dependent
  • Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Secondary Human Resources Reception