Master’s Degree

12963531_1064689583604755_2194808970038652066_nThe UIS Department of History Master of Arts in History degree program features three concentrations (U.S. History, Public History, and European/World History). These are designed to provide graduate students with different backgrounds and goals an advanced degree emphasizing the enhancement of analytical skills, research competencies, and abilities in conveying the past to a public audience .  The curriculum stresses the comprehension and acquisition of advanced historical methodologies, the exploration of primary sources, and the refinement of skills in research and writing. The M.A. curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students in a variety of career paths, including higher education, research, law, secondary education, and employment at historical sites, museums and archives. The program features intensive 4-credit hour classes that enable students to both immerse themselves in the study of the past and complete the degree in a timely fashion.

The UIS M.A. in History is distinctive in the several funding opportunities available to help our students succeed.

Graduate Assistantships (GA)

Graduate Internships Program

Scholarships and Research Awards

The Graduate Student Handbook contains a complete guide to navigating the UIS M.A. experience!

Graduate Student Handbook