Honors Course of Study

The History honors course of study was designed to recognize and reward student excellence, to give students the opportunity to do original research grounded in the interpretation of primary sources, and to better prepare majors for graduate or advanced study. This honors option is available to all qualifying History Bachelor’s degree students, including students in the History online degree program.

To be eligible for admission to History honors, students must have completed 75 credits towards the Bachelor’s Degree and must have completed HIS 301 with a full B or better. Additionally, students must have earned a cumulative UIS undergraduate grade point average of no less than 3.0, as well as a 3.65 grade point average in history courses.

In order to receive honors, students must:

  • Complete two enhanced courses or one enhanced course and a study abroad experience. An enhanced course entails taking a 400-level HIS class as if the student were a graduate student or completing comparable requirements negotiated between the student and instructor.
  • Complete HIS 402 (Honors Research Seminar) with a full B or better. HIS 402 will be offered online every spring. The focus of the course will be primary-source research and students must complete a major research project. Students will also complete a reflective statement of learning, discussing the impact of, and links between their enhanced courses, study abroad experiences (if applicable), research presentations (if applicable) and research project.
  • Maintain the minimum cumulative UIS undergraduate GPA of 3.0 and HIS program GPA of 3.65 that was required for admission to the honors course of study.

We strongly encourage all qualifying students to take advantage of this opportunity to do original research. To apply, please fill out the Honors History Application Form.