Bachelor’s Degree – Graduation Requirements

The following requirements apply to both on-campus and online History undergraduate majors. This information assumes that students have already completed the necessary lower-level courses required for Admission and matriculation into the program, and have consulted with a faculty advisor to determine which courses will best satisfy the degree requirements.

Degree Core Requirements

Course Hours
HIS 301 The Historian’s Craft 3
HIS 401 Senior Seminar 3
Two non-U.S. history courses 8
Upper-division history electives 19
UIS Requirements* 10

Students will also be required to take general elective courses to meet a minimum of 120 credits required for a bachelor’s degree from UIS.

Courses from other programs may count for history credit when they support the student’s degree plan and are approved in advance.

*UIS Requirements

Students are required to complete a minimum of 10 semester hours of UIS requirements in the areas of ECCE (Engaged Citizenship Common Experience). One hour of this ECCE curriculum is a required Speaker Series course- UNI 301. The other 9 hours can be divided among the other ECCE categories (Global Awareness, US Communities and ECCE electives). Student’s should consult with their advisors about completing the ECCE requirements. Click here for a link to more ECCE information.


Each student is assigned a faculty advisor to assist in planning an individual program of study responsive to the student’s interests and goals and designed to meet the requirements of the history program.

Grading Policy

History courses for which the student has attained a grade of full C or higher (GPA of 2.00 or higher) will be applied toward the B.A. degree. History courses taken as credit/no credit will be applied toward the degree if a grade of CR is attained. History majors may repeat program courses for grade improvement only once without seeking program approval.