Double Major in Global Studies and Political Science

photo of Qendrese Selimi
Qendrese Selimi (middle) completed her Double-Major in Global Studies and Political Science [’15] through an internship in Bosnia.

GBL-PSC Double Major Printable Handout (PPT)

Students who wish to double major must complete all of the requirements of each major, but in some cases courses may be used for both programs, as long as the credits are not double-counted. The student must complete only one set of ECCE requirements.

Ordinarily, if a student were to double major in Political Science and Global Studies he or she would have to take 66 credits (32 for Political Science plus 40 for Global Studies minus the 6 hours of overlap of PSC 371 and 373).  However, by using Political Science electives (16 hours) to fill one of the GBL concentrations, the number of hours required can be reduced to 50 hours.

Global Studies students who wish to add a major in Political Science will need to take the four core courses that do not count toward the Global Studies major: PSC 201, PSC 325, PSC 451 and PSC 485/486 in addition to the requirements for the Global Studies major.


Student Riley Quinlan completed the double major in Global Studies and Political Science in spring 2015 and is now working as a Global Sanctions Analyst for American Express.

Learn more about how Riley used his double major at UIS.