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Curriculum Overview

The Global Studies Program offers a major and a minor.

 Curriculum for Major in Global Studies

Global Studies examines the interactions and inter-relations among countries and peoples across the globe, the study of particular regions and cultures across the world in a comparative and interactive way, and the examination of issues affecting more than one country. The word “global,” as used here, is not meant to imply one, unified world, but rather a world of diversity and multiplicity as examined from a global scale. It implies the need to examine the world as a whole to understand the connections and interdependency of the diversity of its many parts and peoples.  The curriculum for this holistic view of the world is explicitly multi- and inter-disciplinary.  It draws on such UIS departments as anthropology/sociology, communication, economics, English, environmental studies, history, modern languages, political science, and women and gender studies.  See here for the details!

Students may also double-major in Global Studies with another UIS major.  The example here is from Political Science, but other double majors are possible, such as Social Work, Sociology/Anthropology or Teacher Education.   Double Major-Global Studies and Political Science

Curriculum for Minor in International Studies

A minor in international studies fits well with many majors, such as History, Political Science, Sociology/Anthropology and many others!  See here for the details!