Global Studies

The bachelor of arts in Global Studies seeks to provide students with multiple perspectives for understanding the world and the tools necessary to appreciate how other peoples see the world and the issues confronting the global community.

This degree will use an interdisciplinary approach emphasizing political science, history, economics, sociology / anthropology, communication and environmental studies.



Program and UIS Links

GBL Students Go Abroad!

  • GBL Major Samantha Sparks is spending the summer at Queen’s University in Northern Ireland, studying conflict management.
  • GBL Major Jessica Villegas participated this summer in the UIS short-term study abroad program in The Gambia, focusing on public health issues.
  • GBL Major Charlie Germann just completed a year at the University of Marburg in Germany, taking courses in political science and global development; as part of his trip he visited Moscow.
    Charlie Germann Visiting Moscow
  • GBL minors also studied abroad this past spring:
    • Samantha Boettjer at Radboud University in the Netherlands
    • Sean Flamand at the University of Valencia in Spain
    • Pranay Someshwar was part of the UIS short-term program in Ashikaga, Japan.


Alumni Employment

  • Riley Quinlan (B.A. 2015) Global Sanctions Analyst for American Express, PhoenixAlumni Riley Quinlan
  • Michael McColpin(B.A. GBL/PSC 2013)  Associate Producer for Digital Media, United Nations Foundation.McColpin
  • Amanda Altman(B.A. GBL 2012, MPA 2014)  Program Specialist at University of Washington Global Health Program.Altman
  • Dexter Burns (B.A. GBL 2014) Executive Assistant, Human Resources, U.S. International Trade Commission.

dexter small