GIS workshop

Next GIS workshop: Saturday 16 November 2013

The Geographic Information Systems Laboratory is pleased to offer an upcoming GIS workshop. The GIS workshop is designed for beginners and is hands-on. Participants will learn the basics of GIS and the use of ArcGIS 10.

The workshop will cover the basics of displaying, querying, and sharing geospatial data using ArcGIS 10.1 desktop and ArcGIS online.  The workshop will be divided into three sessions:

  • 1. Displaying geospatial data
    • Types of geospatial data
    • Finding socioeconomic and environmental geospatial data for Springfield and Illinois
    • Displaying and modifying base maps
    • Adding more data to base maps
  • 2. Spatial queries and basic spatial analysis
    • Relating location to other variables
    • Finding locations of interest based on attributes from different datasets
    • Creating maps and charts to communicate spatial analysis results
  • 3. Web-based GIS
    • Cloud-based ArcGIS applications
    • Creating and sharing interactive web maps

Date and Time: 16 November 2013; Sessions last from 9AM-5PM with a lunch break from 12PM-1PM (lunch is not provided, but may be purchased in the Food Emporium)


  • $125 – Active Students, UIS Faculty, or Staff Member
  • $250 – No current affiliation with UIS

Seats are limited, register early.

Please join us!

For a registration form click here, contact the GIS Lab at (217) 206-8403, or email