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The GIS Laboratory Offers:

Poster and map production

The GIS Lab utilizes two professional plotters for your poster and map printing needs.  We also provide support in customized poster/map production for a charge. The laboratory staff can help you generate well-designed posters or maps that meet your specific requirements.

Printing prices (as of April 2013):

UIS-affiliated rates:

White background posters:  $5.70/sq. foot

Solid background posters:  $9.00/sq. foot

Non-affiliated rates:

White background posters:  $7.00/sq. foot

Solid background posters: $10.00/sq. foot

All posters are printed on high-quality glossy photo paper.  For inquiries/printing please contact the Lab.


GIS technical support

The GIS Lab provides technical support in the following areas:

  • General GIS questions/support
  • Project specific help
  • Generate point data based on the GPS or address the customer provides
  • Generate polygon, or line features based on CAD files or digitized information
  • Digitizing and/or scanning printed maps
  • Converting scanned images into geo-referenced digital files
  • Georeferencing custom data with existing in-house datasets
  • Statistical analysis and spatial modeling
  • Remote sensing data analysis
  • Deploying web applications on ArcGIS cloud-based platforms


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