Transfer Policies

Illinois Articulation Initiative

The Illinois Articulation Initiative is a statewide agreement designed to allow students to transfer general education credit, as well as credit earned in select majors, between participating institutions. UIS has participated in IAI since the summer of 1998.

The IAI General Education Core Curriculum is a packagUndergraduate students participating in class lecturee of lower-division general education courses that can transfer from one participating school to another to fulfill the lower-division general education requirements.

The core curriculum package consists of at least 12 to 13 courses (37 to 41 semester credits) in five fields or categories.

Completion of the entire IAI General Education Core Curriculum satisfies lower-division general education requirement for a bachelor’s degree at UIS, except for Comparative Societies Categories.

UIS also participates in certain of IAI’s Baccalaureate Majors Recommendations, which means that students may be able to transfer courses in the major between participating institutions without loss of credit.

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IAI (37-41 lower division hours)

  • 2 writing courses (6 hours)
  • 1 oral communication course (3 hours)
  • Science (7-8 hours; 1 lab course; one course must be in physical science, the other in life science
  • Math (3-6 hours)
  • Humanities (9 hours; 3 hours must be in Fine Arts)
  • Social Sciences (9 hours)


Transfer Students and ECCE

All undergraduate students at UIS must complete the 200-400 Level ECCE requirements, whether they are native or transfer students.

Students who transfer to UIS with an Associates degree have completed their lower division general education requirements and will not be required to complete the ECCE Comparative Societies courses.

Students who transfer to UIS as sophomores (with 30 to 59 hours of transfer credit) must take one Comparative Societies course (either Humanities or Social Sciences depending on their needs for general education). Those students may fulfill the Comparative Societies requirement with a course taken at another institution if the course meets the criteria of that category.

Students who transfer in with less than 30 hours of college credit must take both Comparative Societies courses. Those students may fulfill the Comparative Societies requirements with courses taken at another institution if the courses meet the criteria of that category.

  • Have completed the requirements for an associate of arts or associate of science degree from a regionally accredited Illinois institution of higher learning at some time before summer 1998. Graduates of Illinois community colleges holding these degrees are considered to have met all general education requirements at the transferring institutions. Direct requests for exceptions should be sent to the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • Complete the requirements at UIS based on UIS’ general education requirements.