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Meal Plans

 (Effective Fall 2013)

Meal plan requirements

Meal plans at UIS are convenient and flexible declining balance accounts, accepted at all Food Service locations and campus vending machines. We don’t mandate that students eat at certain times or use a certain number of meals each week. Students don’t pay for missed meals or subsidize other students’ plans. Our meal plans allow students to suit their own personal dining habits and needs. Sales tax is not assessed on meal plan purchases, so residential meal plans save students 8.5% on every purchase.

Meal plan purchases are logged by swiping your student i-card (University photo ID). Each time you make a purchase, the amount is deducted from your meal plan balance.

New students sign up for a plan during their summer Orientation visit or when they move in. Returning students are encouraged to choose meal plans before spring semester finals.

Meal plans are billed to student accounts, along with your tuition and fees, at the start of the fall semester.

Our meal plans

Students living in a residence hall must choose either the Signature or Platinum plan. Students living in apartments or townhouses may choose any meal plan, or none.

Gold plan ($375 per semester)

The Gold plan is exclusively for apartment or townhouse residents who want to enjoy an occasional meal at one of our campus food outlets. When appointments, study time, class, and work schedules leave little time for home cooking, this plan provides convenience!

Platinum plan ($1,150 per semester)

The Platinum plan is suitable for a student who eats on campus only nine or ten times a week or who is off campus frequently. The Platinum meal plan allows for about $10 spending per day.

Signature plan ($1,675 per semester)

Our most popular plan! The Signature plan is designed for the resident student with a demanding campus schedule. The Signature meal plan allows for about $15 per day.

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Choosing a meal plan

Consider how often you will eat on campus (rather than at home or elsewhere). The following table shows the how much you can spend for each meal plan for a five-day or seven-day week.


Approximate Cost Per Day
(rounded to the nearest dollar)

Number of days used

5 days per week

7 days per week

Signature plan ($1675 a semester)



Platinum plan ($1150 a semester)



Gold plan ($375 a semester)



Monitoring your meal plan balance is easy. Your account balance displays at cash registers and vending machines after each purchase. You can also check your balance online or ask a Food Service cashier.

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Changing meal plans

Students may change to a higher-priced plan within the first 10 days of a semester. Students may also add value to a meal plan (with a credit or debit card) at the ID Center or online at

Please refer to the Meal Plan Terms and Conditions for definitive information about our plans.

Campus Cash: “Meal plan” convenience for commuter students, faculty, and staff

Campus Cash allows anyone with a valid University i-card to pay without cash at Illinois Springfield!  Campus Cash allows you to swipe and go quickly at all our Food Service locations and at these campus venues, too

  • Athletics concessions
  • Bookstore
  • Campus public copiers
  • Computer labs
  • Housing laundry rooms
  • Sangamon Auditorium
  • Stars Lounge
  • TRAC juice bar
  • Vending machines

You can fund your Campus Cash account at or the Springfield ID Center.


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