Student Employment – Housing

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Resident Assistant

Salary: $  Fall/Spring

Job Description:    Assume primary responsibility for the student life in specified buildings in the University Court apartments including: orientation of new students; counseling & advising of individual students; resolution of roommate & neighbor conflicts; & specified administrative duties. RSA’s assume additional responsibility in overall complex for on call “Duty” coverage; crisis intervention; assist in planning & presentation of social & educational programs; general administrative duties. Actively participate in weekly staff meetings & training activities as well as Residents Council.

Qualifications: Must be resident of specific building in good academic standing. Evening & weekend availability essential. Strong communication & interpersonal skills vital. Maintain a phone in the apartment; possess a valid driver’s license. Good physical condition important as occasional heavy lifting is required.

Housing Facility Assistant-Cleaner


Job Description: “Top-to-Bottom” cleaning & preparation for use of vacant apartment units, bedroom units & other areas. Promote attractiveness of on campus residency. Moving of heavy furniture and strenuous work will be involved.

Qualifications: Must be dependable, trustworthy & capable of doing physically demanding work. Prior employment in custodial/janitorial & resident of housing is preferred. Familiarity with the use of common household cleaning products is required as is some heavy lifting. Persons with allergies or sensitive skin could have problems due to the ammonia based products used for cleaning.

Housing Facility Assistant-Cleaner/Crew Chief

Salary: $8.50

Job Description: Housing apartment cleaner with on-site responsibility of overseeing the efficiency of work and quality of service provided by student cleaning crew. Also responsible for tracking supply and equipment inventory and repairs.

Qualifications: Familiar with cleaning supplies and techniques as well as safe lifting techniques. Must be dependable, trustworthy, and capable of physically demanding work. Able to effectively organize tasks and personnel and demonstrate an ability to oversee and direct a peer work crew. Persons with allergies or sensitive skin may not be capable as some strong (primarily ammonia based) cleaning products are used. Prior employment in a custodial/ janitorial position, and residency in student housing preferred.

Housing Facility Assistant-Snow Shoveler

Salary: $10.00

Job Description: Responsible for the removal of snow and ice from all sidewalks, stairs and decks in the housing complex. Work schedule will vary with weather conditions.  Snow removal crew should be available at night, in the early morning, and as possible from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. ideally , the early phases of snow/ice removal should be completed by 8 a.m.  Some availability over the semester break is expected.  Work will be from November until April.

Qualifications: Should  be a resident of housing, dependable, trustworthy & capable of doing physically demanding work in extreme weather conditions. Prior experience with snow removal is desirable.

Housing Facility Assistant-Snow Shoveler Crew Chief


Job Description: Housing Snow Shoveler with the on-site responsibility of overseeing the efficiency of work and quality of service provided by a student shoveling crew. Further responsible for tracking supplies and equipment inventory and repairs and keys. NO REGULAR SCHEDULE.

Qualifications: Must be a resident of housing. Demonstrate an awareness of snow/ice removal procedures, able to effectively organize tasks & personnel, & demonstrate an ability to oversee & direct a peer work crew. Dependable, trustworthy & capable of doing physically demanding work in extreme weather conditions.

Housing Office Assistant

Salary: $8.00

Job Description: Responsibilities include but not limited to: Acts as receptionist for the Housing Office. Performs routine office procedures such as typing, filing, data entry, errand running, etc.Creates and maintains databases and departmental correspondence. Inventories keys & reports status to the Director. Responsible for appearance of bulletin board. Other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Must be a student resident of University housing in good academic standing. Flexible schedule; must be available in the daytime. Must maintain a telephone in their apartment, and possess valid driver’s license. Preference given to candidates with solid computer skills and proficiency in MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, and Print Shop Deluxe.Must sign a confidentiality and trust agreement.

Housing Office Specialist

Salary: $8.00

Job Description: With supervision, drafts new and modifies housing correspondence. Under guidance of Office Manager, performs detailed accounting and data management functions. Assists with keys and confidential files. Serves as information resource to residents. May be needed to provide resident assistant coverage.

Qualifications: Must be a student in good academic standing. Daytime weekday availability required. Strong communication skills, appropriate and pleasant public appearance, and “team player” attitude are necessary. Attention to detail and accuracy of information are essential. Preference given to applicants with solid computer skills who are proficient with MS Word, Excel, Access and Print Shop Deluxe. Creativity is helpful. Must maintain telephone in their apartment, and should have a valid driver’s license. Must be available to the Housing Office no later than 10 days prior to move-in day for each semester. Summer Term candidate must be available and working for the Housing Office through September 15.

Housing Services Aide

Salary: $8.00

Job Description:  Supervise Housing Commons and residence hall lobbies, assist residents with equipment loan, work
orders, and lock-outs.  Provide information and assistance to residents and guests.  Provide general support for the Housing
Office and Administration. Complete documentation, confront inappropriate behavior in areas of responsibility and assist
with individual and community emergencies.

Qualifications:  UIS student in good academic standing and disciplinary standing.  Residency in UIS housing preferred but not required.  Evening and weekend availability required. Dependable, trustworthy and expected to behave at all times as a representative of Housing. Strong communication skills, appropriate and pleasant public appearance and “team player” attitude.  Must sign a confidentiality and trust agreement.

Shuttle Driver-Nights


Job Description: Shuttles students from teardrop of the PAC along a designated route around the city of Springfield.
May be asked to drive university van for various UIS events such as Board of Trustees meetings or the Illinois State Fair parade. Works 8 hours per week.

Qualifications: MUST HAVE A VALID DRIVER’S LICENSE WITH A GOOD DRIVING RECORD. Must be available beginning about 9:30 until midnight Monday through Thursday nights while classes are in session. Must be dependable, punctual and courteous. Current resident of university housing preferred.

Shuttle Driver-Weekend

Salary: $8.00

Job Description: Transport students from the UIS Campus in a university van to various destinations in the city of Springfield following an established route and schedule. Begins route at 10:30  a.m. every Saturday morning. Works 2 hours per week. May also drive UIS van for special university events when needed by Housing.

Qualifications: Must have valid current driver’s license and a safe driving record. Must be absolutely dependable, punctual and courteous. Housing resident is preferred.