Student Employment – Recreational Sports

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Recreational Sports

Please follow procedures listed on the Recreational  Sports website to apply for these jobs.

Facilities Jobs:

Equipment Attendants:

Checks out and maintains recreational equipment used in Recreational Sports programs and facilities.

Facility Attendant: Maintains cleanliness and condition of Recreational Sports facilities and equipment; cleans and maintains equipment on a daily basis.  Sets up and takes down equipment, prepares facilities, enforces policies and procedures, and insures that risk management and life safety standards are met.

Front Desk Attendant: Oversees all admittance functions of the Recreation and Athletic Center as well as all sales and customer service functions at the front desk.

Qualifications:  Customer service and cash handling experience preferred.

Lead Student:  Inco-ordination with graduate assistants, interns and professional staff, oversees the daily operations of the facilities on evenings and weekends.  Acts as an advocate for students within the structure of facility policies and procedures by helping the patrons understand the policies and procedures and directing patrons to the proper location or game site. Enforces facility procedures and policies in regard to IDs, ejection procedures and reports, equipment checkout, and eligibility requirements.

Fitness Jobs:

Group Fitness Instructor:  Provides instruction for safe, effective,and motivating group fitness sessions.

Qualifications:  Certification encouraged, but not required.

Personal Trainer:  Provides instruction for and prescription for cardiovascular and weight training exercise.  Performs fitness assessments including body composition, blood pressure and flexibility and cardiovascular test.

Qualifications:  National certification through AFAA or ACSM  preferred.

Program Instructor:  Provides instruction for non-credit instructional programs emphasizing lifetime leisure pursuits, physical fitness, health and wellness activities.  Performs instruction via classes, lessons, clinics, workshops, or clubs.

Qualifications:  Knowledge of content area required.


Game Management:  Assists with the management of the Intramural program.  Checks out equipment, keeps time and score of contests, and assists with event coordination.

Intramural Supervisor:  In coordination with graduate assistants, interns or professional staff, oversees the daily operations of intramural events on evenings and weekends.  Acts as student advocate to help participants understand policies and procedures and directs them to the proper locations/game site.  Informs participants of equipment and resources available to them.  Enforces intramural policies and procedures in regards to IDs, ejection procedures and reports;  equipment checkout, and eligibility requirements.   Acts as first responder to injury situations and completes injury report form.  Prepares facility and equipment.  Serves as risk management officer to identify, report, and if possible correct potential safety hazards as well as evaluating the safety of intramural programs on an on-going basis and reporting  concerns.  Controls the environment outside the confines of the intramural contest including fan behavior, profanity off the field, etc.  Assists intramural game officials in carrying out forfeit and ejection.

Sports Official:  Manages the activity or sport including the area immediately surrounding the playing facility.  Enforces rules and regulations and encourages good sportsmanship.  Makes all decisions pertaining to the administration of the game.  Serves as a risk management officer to identify, report and if possible correct possible safety hazards; evaluate the safety of programs on an ongoing basis and report concerns and end the activities when the potential for danger/injury becomes evident. Make all forfeit decisions in cooperation with the Supervisor.

Qualifications:  Officials certification encouraged but not required.  Training will be provided.

Office Job:

Office Assistant:  Performs a variety of clerical tasks to insure the efficiency and effectiveness of the Recreational Sports office.  Assists with receptionist duties and provides information to visitor inquiries.

Outdoor Recreation:

Climbing Assistant:  Teach primary safety/orientation classes.  Belay users and assist with climbing equipment.  Assist with hosting group climbing events.  Offer users advice on how to improve their climbing skills and techniques.  Maintain climbing equipment and wall and conduct daily inventory of climbing equipment.  Set climbing routes.

Trip Leader:  Lead outdoor trips and activities while maintaining Leave No Trace ethics.  Advise participants of program policies-ensure participants adhere to them and act in a safe and appropriate manner.  Assist with post-trip evaluations and communications with participants.  Respond to accidents and injuries and complete injury report form.

Most jobs pay $8.00