Student Employment – Survey Research

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Survey Research

Survey Research Interviewer

Salary: $8.00Hired on an As Needed Basis

Hours: Evenings, weekends, and possibly daytime hours available

Job function of Office. The Survey Research Office (SRO) helps fulfill the University’s research and public service missions by conducting social science data collection and analysis. Among other duties, the SRO staff is responsible for accurately collecting and recording responses to the surveys that SRO implements for other university units, state agencies, and other paying clients.

Job description. The CATI Interviewer is responsible for conducting telephone interviews using computer-assisted telephone interviewing software. This position involves contact with the general public, and specific populations on behalf of the University of Illinois and the Survey Research Office’s clients. The interviewer must be able to comprehend the types of information being collected through any individual survey instrument.

Qualifications. The following are qualifications for the position:

  1. Articulate in written and spoken English, to be understood with ease
    by general public in Midwestern setting
  2. Ability to establish conversational rapport and to communicate with
  3. Ability to read accurately in a conversational, yet professional,
    tone and manner.
  4. Ability to record responses accurately and complete required record-keeping
    work, paying attention to detail.
  5. The ability to use a computer keyboard to record a respondent’s reply accurately.
  6. The capacity to respond calmly and politely to unanticipated responses.

Data Input Clerk

Salary: $8.25 per hour

Job Description: Limited Time Position As Needed Basis

The Data Input Clerk is responsible for the input of data from mail-out surveys using Microsoft Access software. This employee is expected to work quickly and , importantly, accurately. This job includes other duties as assigned.

Job Qualifications: Must be a high school graduate or equivalent. Basic computer experience required using Windows and Microsoft Access preferred. Must have the ability to enter numeric and open-ended text responses, using a computer keyboard, in a timely and accurate manner. Must be able to understand the types of information being collected. Must be able to follow directions and must pay attention to details. Should also be able to work cooperatively.


Survey Research Office Clerk

Salary: $8.25 per hour

Job Description: As Needed, LImited Time Position

Will work under the Survey Research Office Manager as well as the Director and Lab Manager on occasion. Responsibilities will include processing incoming mail-opening, stamping, sorting; Entering general result information in data bases Excel or Acess to designate survey as responded to or other such as returned, undeliverable; filing, copying or other general office procedures. Will act as a receptionist by answering phones and routing to appropriate staff, greeting clients and others. Assist with or inititate and complete mail-out survey package component preparation and/or package preparation. Some indput of survye responses into Access database. Other duties as assigned.


Must be a high school graduate or equivalent, with the ability to follow instructions, a high llevel of attention to detail, organizational skill and the ability to multi-task. Must have the ability to focus on repetitive tasks, the ability to operate basic office equipment and basic computer experience. Experience with MS Windows, Outlook, Access, and Excel preferred. Must be able to enter numeric and open-ended text responses, using a computer keyboard, in an accurate and timely manner. Must be able to understand the types of information being collected through mail-out survey instruments. Should be friendly, have a professinal demeanor and the ability to work copperatively.