Student Employment – Career Services

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CDC Virtual/Campus Coordinator

JOB DESCRIPTION: This is a multi-faceted position providing the opportunity to build upon skill areas better preparing you for the job search after graduation. The student will be the primary contact in working with the department’s databases and providing website management. The student will assist with facilitation of CDC Workshops, Classroom Presentations, Special Events and walk-in services. The appropriate candidate will also be business oriented and have a creative side in order to assist in the coordination of marketing departmental services and events to the campus.

QUALIFICATIONS: Student must be fluent in website and database management with good phone and communication skills, logic, professionalism, and detail orientated. Customer service skills are essential. Preferred qualifications include graphic design, creativity and fluency in Microsoft suite including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access.

Placement Specialist

JOB DESCRIPTION: This student will be responsible for placement activities such as tracking placement listings, data input, issuing placement files and designing flyers and other marketing resources Responsibilities will require organization and integration of placement files, reports, training manuals and other documents.

QUALIFICATIONS: Student must have good phone and communication skills, logic and ability to pay attention to detail. Customer service skills essential. Keyboarding, knowledge of computer software, and ability to research on the internet preferred. Student will be working with PC, typewriter, copier, scanner, and telephone.


JOB DESCRIPTION: Will provide technical support to Career Services/Placement staff concerning automation of office forms. Student will develop an automated database to track services & clients. Will consult with office staff to develop forms & spreadsheets that can be made into automated reports.

QUALIFICATIONS: Good communication skills augmented by technical programming (DOS) knowledge. Proficiency in IBM compatible environment in software packages such as: dBaseIII, LOTUS 1-2-3, Windows, Word, WordPerfect 5.1 & 6.1, LAN & Novell networks. Capable of writing programs for office data to be posted on the WWW.