Men’s Soccer

Faculty member: Marc Klingshirn, PhD, Associate Professor, Chemistry

Marc Klingshirn, PhD

When I was approached about serving in the Faculty Partner Program as a liaison with the soccer team, I couldn’t help but “assist”. The intersection of academics and athletics is so important as UIS continues to move into Division II play within the GLVC, and as we begin to attract more and more student-athletes to campus. As a professor who strives to be as personable as can be with students, the opportunity to interact with athletes in their setting is exciting. I intend to be as involved with the team as much as I can and to show support for them not only in the classroom, but also in their training, and time on the field.

Coach: Jesse Miech, Head Coach, Men’s Soccer

JMiechWe are thrilled to add Dr. Marc Klingshirn to our men’s soccer family. His commitment to support the students at UIS in their academic success, coupled with the care of their overall collegiate experience, is very impressive. Dr. Klingshirn holds the qualities and traits that I want my players to replicate. He is kind, caring and very excited to contribute to the well being of UIS as a whole. I believe he has set the bar very high in terms of the value he puts on academics and being an active member in the UIS community. We look forward to welcoming Dr. Klingshirn and the positive impact he will have on our student-athletes.