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Experiential and Service-Learning University of Illinois Springfield

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Students and EXS-L

All three programs offered by the Experiential and Service-Learning (EXS-L) Programs are based on individualized field experiences. They provide the students with opportunities to accomplish the following:

  • Think about or apply theory
  • Reflect on or expand knowledge
  • Determine additional learning needs
  • Explore careers
  • Develop a public awareness and an appreciation of diversity students working in biology research labwhile  learning academic credit

Approved and supervised by university faculty, Applied Study Term (AST) can take the form of internships, projects, travel, or study abroad for academic credit.

Some other EXS-L methods can also help the student obtain credit for prior experience through portfolio development or provide an opportunity to obtain credit for learning and serving in the community.

Think about trying one or more of these opportunities for credit in your academic program.