Undergraduate Minor

undergraduateminorEnvironmental Studies Undergraduate Minor

To earn a minor in environmental studies, students must complete a minimum of 16 credit hours, which includes two core courses and a minimum of three elective courses. Students are expected to meet with an ENS adviser before beginning the minor.

Required core courses

  • ENS 251 Introduction to Environmental Sciences 3 Hrs.
  • ENS 271 Introduction to Sustainability 3 Hrs.

Elective courses

The 100- to 300-level elective courses listed below are 3 credit hours each.  Undergraduate students taking 400-level courses that are listed as “3 or 4 Hrs.” must take the 3-credit hour section.  Students taking these courses as undergraduates toward their bachelor’s degree may not repeat them for credit as graduate students.

Students are required to take at least three elective courses.  At least one elective must be at the 400-level.  No more than two electives may be taken from any one of the categories listed below.

Environmental Policy/Law/Planning
ENS 301 Environmental Justice in America 3 Hrs.
ENS 304 Mapping our Physical and Social World 3 Hrs.
ENS 401 Environmental Justice: Science, Policy, and Activism 3 Hrs.
ENS 403 Transportation: Problems and Planning Procedures 3 Hrs.
ENS 404 Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems 4 Hrs.
ENS 419 Environmental Law 4 Hrs.
ENS 446 ECCE: Population and Public Policy 3 Hrs.
ENS 481 Forest Policy & Management 3 Hrs.
ENS 485 Environmental Policies: Water Quality 4 Hrs.

Environmental Social Sciences/Humanities
ENS 101 Women and the Environment 3 Hrs.
ENS 201 Literature and the Environment 3 Hrs.
ENS 311 ECCE: Global Change and Local Places 3 Hrs.
ENS 331 ECCE: Evolution and Creationism 3 Hrs.
ENS 411 ECCE: Introduction to Environmental Education 3 Hrs.
ENS 412 World Environmental Thought 4 Hrs.
ENS 418 American Environmental History 4 Hrs.
ENS 421 Environmental Economics 4 Hrs.
ENS 422 Environmental Sociology 4 Hrs.
ENS 448 Sustainable Food Systems 3 Hrs.
ENS 461 ECCE: Geopolitics: Geographic Aspects of Int’l Affairs 3 Hrs.
ENS 471 Culture and Conservation 3 Hrs.
ENS 475 Global Political Ecology 3 Hrs.
ENS 476 ECCE: Environmental Ethics 3 Hrs.
ENS 479 Writing & the Environment 3 Hrs.
ENS 488 ECCE: China’s Environment & the World 3 Hrs.

Environmental Sciences
ENS 151 Earth Science  3 Hrs.
ENS 262 Environmental Physical Geography 3 Hrs.
ENS 405 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing 4 Hrs.
ENS 425 Ecological Issues 3 Hrs.
ENS 444 Aquatic Ecology 4 Hrs.
ENS 445 Biology of Water Pollution 4 Hrs.
ENS 447 Environmental Chemistry 4 Hrs.
ENS 463 Our Changing Climate 3 Hrs.
ENS 464 Paleoecology 4 Hrs.
ENS 465 Water Resources and Society 4 Hrs.
ENS 468 Environmental Geology 4 Hrs.
ENS 472 Urban Environments 3 Hrs.
ENS 477 Renewable Energy 3 Hrs.