Master of Arts Online

Students interested in the MA in Environmental Studies with a Coneflowersconcentration in Sustainable Development and Policy or in Environmental Planning and Management can now obtain their degree online. Students must apply specifically for the online degree. Application requires transcripts that show the student has completed a 300-level or above ecology course with lab with a grade of B or better prior to full admission into the degree program. Students deficient in ecology will be considered for conditional admission and be required to satisfactorily complete the ecology requirement no later than the end of their first year.  Online students can fulfill that requirement by taking ecology online with UIS in the fall semester; contact the ENS for other options. All core, concentration, and elective requirements are the same as those for the degree offered on campus.

The Department begins a cohort of new students each fall, and the application due date is the preceeding April 1 for full consideration. Additional applications for summer and spring terms are considered as space permits.

Online majors are typically expected to complete ENS 552 and ENS 551 within their first year of enrollment because these courses establish a common foundation for the remainder of the coursework .

Because Environmental Studies faculty consider that a period of time working in an environmental agency or organization can be a vital part of professional training, students may take ENS 530 Internship (1 to 4 hrs.) as an elective. However, students may not count both ENS 530 and ENS 550 toward their degree requirements.

All students must complete an Education Plan as soon as possible after acceptance into the program. The student and advisor will periodically review the plan together to ensure that all program requirements are met in a timely manner. The plan is kept on file in the ENS program office.

The MS in Environmental Sciences is also available in a fully online format in addition to the on-campus program. All requirements are identical to that of the on-campus MS program.