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Department of English University of Illinois Springfield

Minor in English

“Education in our times must try to find whatever there is in students that might yearn for completion, and to reconstruct the learning that would enable them autonomously to seek that completion.”
- Allan Bloom

A minor in English is an asset that can complement any major and looks attractive to potential employers.

Those who wish to graduate with a minor in English must take, at minimum, the following English courses:

Course Hours
ENG 301 Introduction to the Discipline 4
One Literature course: 300- or 400-level 4
One Writing course: 300- or 400-level 4
One Elective course: 300- or 400-level 4
Total 16


At the time of graduation, English minors should
be able to:

  • Exhibit critical thinking through the analysis and interpretation of language and literary works in such areas as American literature, British literature, and multicultural literature and non-fiction texts
  • Express complex ideas for a specific audience and purpose
  • Employ research tools for writing and other modes of understanding
  • Connect texts with their historical, cultural, critical, and rhetorical contexts
  • Interpret existing and student-generated texts effectively using a variety of critical and theoretical approaches
  • Work collaboratively to analyze and interpret texts and to improve writing skills
  • Exhibit, where appropriate, effective oral communication skills
  • Employ technological tools and resources for research, collaboration, and the writing process
  • Employ invention strategies to generate texts
  • Differentiate and employ macro- and micro-revision processes and techniques


Students should consult an English faculty member often for advice in designing and meeting the requirements of this minor.