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Department of English University of Illinois Springfield

Graduate Certificate in Teaching English

This certificate is designed to provide specialized knowledge and skills concerning the teaching of English Studies in secondary institutions and at the college level. The curriculum is designed to provide both theoretical and applied knowledge of three specific content areas of English Studies vital to classroom instruction and curricular development: Composition, Literature, and Language. Upon completion of the four required courses and a practicum, students will receive a certificate. Because the certificate requires classroom teaching experience, it is offered on-ground. The certificate may be taken without pursuing a master’s degree, or it may be incorporated into the M.A. in English. Please note: this certificate does not provide teaching certification for any state board of education. However, the course of study may be particularly valuable for teachers already certified, those who want to teach dual-credit courses at the high school level, and/or those who plan to teach English in college.

Entrance and Course Requirements

Eligibility. An applicant should hold a B.A. in English, but any baccalaureate degree holder can apply. Prerequisite courses (usually equivalent to our minor) would likely be necessary for an applicant who does not have a B.A. or B.S. in English. Students must meet UIS requirements for admission to graduate study.

Admissions process. If not already admitted to the M.A. degree, applicants should apply to the university and to the department. Applicants must submit two recommendations, an analytic writing sample of 2,500-3,500 words, and a statement of purpose for applying for the certificate program. The application portfolio will be assessed by the English Graduate Admissions Committee. As a student approaches the end of the certificate requirements, s/he may choose to apply to the M.A. program. In that case, s/he would need to reactivate her/his initial application by writing a letter of intent, submitting GRE scores, and updating other materials if desired. At that point, the file is reevaluated by the EGAC.

Required Courses

Candidates for the certificate will be expected to complete course requirements with a grade of C+ or better. Descriptions for courses leading to a certificate are available from the UIS online catalog.

ENG 501 Critical Theory and Practice 4 Hrs.
ENG 550 Teaching Writing 4 Hrs.
ENG 551 Teaching Literature 4 Hrs.
ENG 552 Sociolinguistics and English Studies 4 Hrs.
ENG 553 Teaching Practicum 2 Hrs.
18 hrs.

For more information about the English Graduate Certificate Program at UIS, please contact the department chair.