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Therkildsen Field Station at Emiquon University of Illinois Springfield

Reu Mentors

Mike LemkeUIS Mentors for the Research Experience for Undergraduates

Michael Lemke
Director of REU
Director of Therkildsen Field Station at Emiquon

Ph.D.: Michigan Technological University)
Post-doc: University of Alabama)
Post-doc: Kent State University)

  • Keenan Dungeymicrobial ecology
  • limnology

Keenan Dungey
Co-director of REU

Ph.D.: University of Michigan
Post-doc: Furman University

  • water quality analysis
  • Jim Bonacuminstrumental analysis

James Bonacum

Ph.D.: Yale University
Post-doc: American Museum of Natural History

  • molecular biology
  • Hua Chenphylogenetic analysis

Hua Chen

Ph.D.: Oregon State University
Post-doc: Auburn University

  • ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics
  • ecosystem modeling

Amy McEuenAmy McEuen

Ph.D.: University of Michigan
Post-doc: Wilkes University

  • plant ecologist
  • community analysis


If you have any questions about the Emiquon REU program, contact:

Dr. Keenan Dungey
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois Springfield
One University Plaza, Mail Stop HSB 312
Springfield, IL 62703-5407
(217) 206-7345