Reu Mentors

Mike LemkeUIS Mentors for the Research Experience for Undergraduates

Michael Lemke
Director of REU
Director of Therkildsen Field Station at Emiquon

Ph.D.: Michigan Technological University)
Post-doc: University of Alabama)
Post-doc: Kent State University)

  • Keenan Dungeymicrobial ecology
  • limnology

Keenan Dungey
Co-director of REU

Ph.D.: University of Michigan
Post-doc: Furman University

  • water quality analysis
  • Jim Bonacuminstrumental analysis

James Bonacum

Ph.D.: Yale University
Post-doc: American Museum of Natural History

  • molecular biology
  • Hua Chenphylogenetic analysis

Hua Chen

Ph.D.: Oregon State University
Post-doc: Auburn University

  • ecosystem carbon and nitrogen dynamics
  • ecosystem modeling

Amy McEuenAmy McEuen

Ph.D.: University of Michigan
Post-doc: Wilkes University

  • plant ecologist
  • community analysis


If you have any questions about the Emiquon REU program, contact:

Dr. Keenan Dungey
Department of Chemistry
University of Illinois Springfield
One University Plaza, Mail Stop HSB 312
Springfield, IL 62703-5407
(217) 206-7345