Science Meeting, April 3, 2008, at Dickson Mounds Museum, Starting at 8:30 Am.

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Emiquon 2008: Restoration Begins

Presentations: Emiquon Overview

8:30 Welcome and Logistics

8:40 Geologic and archaeological history of Emiquon

9:00 Overview of the Emiquon Project

9:20 Restoration

9:40 Visitor Use and Permits

10:00 Break

Monitoring and Evaluation of Key Ecological Attributes

10:15 Overview of Key Ecological Attributes

10:30 Water quality

10:45 Aquatic and moist soil monitoring

11:00 Fish community rehabilitation

11:15 Fish community monitoring

11:30 Waterfowl and wetland birds

11:45 Invertebrates

12:00 Lunch


1:00 Research and Resources at the Emiquon Field Station

1:15 Interaction by study organism/taxa

1:45 Interaction by habitat

2:15 Question – Answer

3:00 Break and Tour of Emiquon Preserve