Current Students

UIS DPA Program 2015 Cohort


Yetunde Oluwatoyosi Agbesola

Topic of interest:

Solid waste management in the United States with respect to policy implementation, management, and public health


Nelson Videnyi Agbodo

Topic of interest:

Impact of the mode of long-term care delivery on life expectancy


Sophia Gehlhausen Anderson

Topics of interest:

1) The inequalities in the K-20 education system for Latinos

2) The impact of immigration policies on the current undocumented immigrants from Mexico and Central America in the U.S.


Robert L Elliott

Topics of interest:

Differences in organizational citizenship behaviors in police officers with and without military service experience


Beverly Denise Hicks-Gibson

Topics of interest:

Effectiveness of IL Early Head Start and child care partnerships


William Jacob Piper

Topic of interest:

Determinants of state income tax cuts


Keyria Lashawn Rodgers

Topic of interest:

Teen court and restorative justice programs in IL


David J Scherer

Topic of interest:

Health policy and health services research such as social determinants of obesity and policy intervention, or access to health services for at-risk populations


Brent L Todd

Topic of interest:

The professionalization of community health workers, including formal training opportunities and their perceptions of mandatory certification