Student Handbook: Reasonable Progress

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Students are expected to maintain reasonable progress toward the doctoral degree by successfully completing at least four credit hours each fall and spring semester during the coursework phase of their degree, by completing the dissertation proposal within two semesters after being admitted to candidacy, and by enrolling in a minimum of one credit hour of dissertation credit each fall and spring semester until the dissertation is completed, defended, and accepted for a total of at least 12 credit hours.

In the event a student is unable to maintain continuous progress toward the degree, the student may request a leave of absence from the program by completing the Student Petition requesting such a leave, and submitting it to the student’s advisor and the DPA director for approval. 

Normally a leave of absence will be granted for up to one year. At the end of the leave of absence, the student may apply for an extension. If no application for extension is made, the student will be automatically dropped from the program. If, at a later date, the student wishes to resume doctoral studies, the student may reapply and be considered for re-admission during the regular admission decision periods. There is no guarantee, however, that a student whose leave of absence expired will be re-admitted to the program. If a student has begun the dissertation, the requirement for continuous enrollment will result in assessment of tuition and fees for every semester unless a leave of absence has been approved.