Bike Check Out Program Details

Procedure for Bike Check out

Checking out a Bike:

  • Fill out the Bike Check Out form which is available at Diversity Center.
  • UIS I-card is required.
  • 1 key is given to the student along with a lock.
  • Students can rent a bike for a maximum of 5 days.

Returning the Bike back:

  • Return the bike along with the lock and the key provided to you during check out.
  • A late fee of $10 will be charged if bike is not returned on time. Penalty charges will be accessed as described below.

Waiting List:

  • If there are no bikes available upon request, a waiting list is available at the Diversity Center.
  • When a bike becomes available the Diversity Center will notify you via email.

*Penalty Charges:

All participants are financially responsible for any loss or damage of UIS equipment while in their possession. Participation in the Bike Check Out program is voluntary and that the activities associated with the checkout of UIS equipment range from low risk to high risk activities.

Participants agree to return the UIS equipment within the designated checkout period or be responsible for any and all late fees imposed upon failing to return bikes in a timely manner.In the event of any personal injury or loss/damage to property, no compensation is available from the Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois, their members, agents, representatives or employees or any of the Board’s units such as Recreational Sports, the Diversity Center, Student Affairs, or the University of Illinois at Springfield.Participants are responsible to obtain appropriate insurance or pay all charges associated with any injury or other loss or damage that might occur while participating in this program or any activity associated with the checkout and use of UIS equipment.