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The University of Illinois at Springfield, Diversity Center has programs that are directed toward Health Wellness programs, campaigns help students, and UIS employees change their behaviors and help prevent health issues.  The Diversity Center has developed a full array of services directed toward ethnic minority and underrepresented students at UIS. Our incentive programs are designed to maximize enrollment and keep participants engaged.


Do you live on campus, but don’t have a car? Would you like a faster, more exciting way to get around the UIS Campus or to the nearest store?If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then the Diversity Center Bike Check Program is right up your alley!

The University of Illinois at Springfield, Diversity Center began a Go-Green Bike Check Out Program which serves our student population, both on campus and commuter students, as well as faculty and staff. The program’s goal is to encourage the popular and beneficial use of the bicycle as an important mode of transportation to, from and on campus by providing the campus community with a safe, secure, and efficient cycling environment. This free program allowed UIS students, faculty and staff to check out bikes on campus for up to five days and enjoy the benefits of bike riding.

If you would like to contribute and provide a gift to this program, please complete a gift fund card and mark under OTHERS: Diversity Center Go-Green Bike Program at or contact the Diversity Center at 206-6333 or by emailing Your gift donation would great be appreciated.

The concept of the Bike Check Out Program is quite simple; bikes are loaned, free of charge, to the University community. A user completes an agreement checkout form, agrees to the terms and conditions of use, and can borrow a bike-share bike. It’s that simple and elegant.

Check bikes out in the Diversity Center, SLB 22.

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