Meet Our Staff

Diversity Center Executive Director

Dr. Clarice Ford, Ed.D.

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Coordinator of Programs and Outreach for Hispanic/Latino Students

Sophia Gehlhausen Anderson

(217) 206-8184

Coordinator for Diverse Student Programing

Justin Rose

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The Necessary Steps Program Coordinator

Monique Williams

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LGBTQ Resource Office

Kerry Poynter

Kerry has over a dozen years of experience working with LGBTQA students in higher education. His experiences include numerous educational interventions and dialogues intersecting sexual orientation, gender, race, faith, etc. His research and writing interests include the development of heterosexual allies of LGBTQ people.

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The Necessary Steps Program Sophomore Year Experience Coordinator

Ashley D. Harris

Hispanic/Latino Graduate Assistant

Daniel Aguilar

LGBTQ Resource Office Graduate Assistant

Courtney Wick

Courtney Wick is in her second year as a graduate student in the Human Development Counseling Program. She’s also a big sister for Big Brother Big Sister and teaches drama for The Boys & Girls Club. In her spare time you can find her acting in local community theater, or playing with her six dogs. Yes, that’s SIX dogs.