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How to Receive Accommodations

  • Students are personally responsible for applying in a timely manner to the UIS ODS regarding their need for accommodations upon admission to UIS.
  • A Disability Specialist will interview the student to determine accommodations specific to both the student’s needs and based on the appropriate documentation.
  • Students must hand deliver their accommodation letters to their respective instructors during the instructor’s office hours. It is recommended that accommodation letters not be delivered in class.
  • Planning and implementation of accommodations by the instructor may take time; therefore, letters approving accommodations should be delivered as soon as possible. Professors have up to two weeks to comply with a request for accommodations.
  • Problems with receiving accommodations should first be communicated to the professor by the student. If not resolved, the student should contact their Disability Specialist.
  • If a student adds a class they must notify their Disability Specialist as soon as possible if accommodation letters are needed.
  • Students must contact the ODS at the beginning of each semester to arrange for academic accommodations and to complete the release of information for accommodation letters.
  • Students who think they are not being appropriately accommodated may file a complaint by contacting the Office of Access and Equal Opportunity at:
    Deanie Brown, J.D.
    University of Illinois Springfield
    One University Plaza, PAC 491
    Springfield, IL 62703
    Phone: 217-206-6222
    Learn more about filing a complaint