Assistive Technology

UIS provides qualified students with access to a variety of appropriate forms of assistive technology. Some of these technologies include: JAWS, Read & Write Gold, ZoomText, and Dragon Naturally Speaking.

A student can setup an assistive technology training by contacting their disability services Disability Specialist in the Office of Disability Services.

JAWS: Introduction

JAWS is a screen reader application that is primarily used by blind individuals. It is considered to be the industry standard, and a demonstration version of this product can be obtained from Freedom Scientific.


ZoomText Magnifier & Reader enlarges, enhances and reads information displayed on a computer screen, making all applications easy to access. It is a product of Ai Squired.

Read & Write Gold

Read & Write Gold is a speech to text product that can read embedded text in web sites, e-mails and text based documents. In addition to reading text, Read & Write Gold has a built in dictionary, thesaurus, note-taking tools, text summary and highlighting tools, and a built in web based visual mapping application. Get a better understanding of the product here.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon Naturally Speaking is a product by Nuance Communications that facilitates using one’s voice to dictate text into computer programs. It can also control aspects of the computer that would ordinarily require use of hands.